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Private and Hospital Reiki Sessions

I have high hopes for Reiki at the rehab setting. I think Reiki is a wonderful modality to treat medical conditions -it works.

~ Irena Physician, MA

Animal Reiki

HI Karen. Have to mention to you about Duchess. She is a finicky eater; after your short treatment she is eating like a little piggy. Thanks.

~ Sam ME

Reiki for Surgical Support:

I was relieved in advance to know that Karen would be there to help guide me to a relaxed state of mine. During the Reiki session (in the preop holding area) Karen got me relaxed and kept me relaxed despite a screaming child in the same room separated from me by only a curtain.


I was very calm, relaxed & almost pain free after my surgery. Reiki was a wonderful experience.

-Elizabeth G., Echo technician

My healing time was cut in half I believe due to the Reiki. I took no pain medicine after leaving the hospital and have not had as much as a Tylenol since then.

-Mary D.

I would not have made it without the Reiki (for surgical support)

-J. C.

Reiki has helped me physically and has also made me a more calm and accepting individual.

-Grace F., teacher

The Reiki was awesome! I left the session pain free & with an elevated mood which lasted a whole week!

-M. B.

With the type of surgery I had, other people, including my doctor told me I would have a lot of pain.(After surgery) I had absolutely NO pain and didn’t take any (pain) meds except for Tylenol on 3 separate occasions.


(Before surgery) I thought I would be nervous, but I (was) very relaxed.

Jaquelyn G.

A belated thank you for the distance Reiki that you sent at the time of my hip surgery. It was well received and much appreciated. The operation went well and the recovery is going great. Thanks so much.


Reiki Training

Thank you again for the wonderful (Reiki 2) Class. I really enjoyed it and now I'm taking it in slowly. I also found a big difference in doing Reiki now (a lot more energy). I'm reviewing the manual and, as soon as I'm done, I'll get back to you with my questions. Have a great week.                                              


Thank you again for having me in your class. I enjoyed your teaching (I wish I had met you years ago) and I will be your faithful disciple for Reiki II and Reiki Master. You are an incredibly nice person, you have a lot of wisdom and yet you are a breath of fresh air.

The more I learn the better and more confident I will be. Your instruction was most helpful. I find that reading the material takes on better meaning for me now after the (Reiki) clinics. I am reading with more intention now." Reiki Level 1 Student

~ Joan E., MA. Director Special Education.

It was great to meet you and the training and entire experience was phenomenal! I have been enjoying my Reiki Journey thus far - it really is an amazing tool! Reiki Level 2 Student

~ Robin A. ME

Reiki and Hypnotherapy for Surgical Support:

My recovery was so much faster and relatively pain-free (compared to 4 other prior major surgeries.) The calmness and serenity I felt postoperative was amazing.




Hypnotherapy helped me get past a significant ‘math’ block and made a marked improvement in my grade.


Medical Hypnotherapy

Treatment of Itching/Eczema: Karen, thank you so much for getting me started with hypnotherapy. The second visit thoroughly reinforced the lessons of the first, and I think the procedure is working on my itching just as I'd hoped. I can't wait for what has suddenly become the high point of my day: zoning out with your CDs!

~ Tom, Gloucester MA

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

Since I saw Karen 2 ½ years ago, I have not even had a thought of a cigarette.

CZ- (former 4 pack a day smoker)

Calling to refer a friend. I am still smoke FREE (6 years!) Still can't believe it, after 1 (hypnotherapy) session!

~Barbara, Salem MA

I just wanted let you know I just celebrated my 10 years smoke free on 3/15/12. It amazes me still today how one hypnotherapy session did the trick. I am forever grateful for having met you. Continued success in your future.

~ Cynthia Z, Lakeland, Fl

Hi Karen...Happy New Year...I visited you on 09/21/2011 for a smoking cessation exercise (hypnosis) and I have been smoke free ever since. My visit to you and your expertise in smoking cessation exercises provided the spark that led me down...and keeps me on... what I call the Yellow Brick Road, which is my smoke-free environment. Thank You for your assistance.

~ Bill S., Salem MA

Hello and Happy New Year. Just want to let you know as of 01/21/11, I have been smoke free for three years. In the past 4-5 months I have gone through some very difficult experiences, and I have not even thought of relying on my old crutch.

~ S.S. MA

Hello and Happy New Year. Just want to let you know as of 01/21/11, I have been smoke free for three years. In the past 4-5 months I have gone through some very difficult experiences, and I have not even thought of relying on my old crutch. I am truly, completely and FINALLY smoke free!!

~Sarah S. 3 years Smoke –FREE!

January 2011- It's been 2 years and I don't even think of cigarettes anymore. Even with having surgery I had no intention of stopping, then I met you. I tell everyone about your services.

~ JJ. M. , Retired Teacher 2 years Smoke-FREE!
(After smoking 3 packs per day X 30 years , stopped with 1 Hypnotherapy session!)

I celebrated my 2 year anniversary of quitting smoking Oct 26, 2005. Think of you often and feel well..

-Barbara M.

I am still SMOKE FREE and it will be seven years March 15, 2009. It was amazing only one session and I have never had the desire to even try just one. My grandkids thank you!

-Cynthia Z., Florida

Just want to say hello and let you know I am doing great. I have listened to my program many times this week. It gives me a wonderful sense of peace and serenity. I don’t understand the process, but whatever it is and however it works, it has enhanced my life tremendously and I am very grateful. I’ve heard an expression that says when you are ready to learn, a teacher will come into your life. Thank you for all you have done for me and for all that I have learned from you.

-Sarah S.

Next week will be my one year anniversary of being smoke free! I am doing very well with it. No cravings at all.

-Sarah S.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Reduction

The hypno has worked because I’m keeping up with my daily exercise (2.2 miles, 5 days a week). I’m down (15#) now.


Over the course of 3 months L.R. enjoyed a 25# weight reduction with only 2 hypnotherapy sessions and additional ongoing self-hypnosis! Keep up the great work! “I found the hypnosis to be very relaxing.

-L.R. X-ray technician, Gloucester MA

The session was wonderful yesterday and I did enjoy a very peaceful day today. I felt lighter and I found myself speaking many positive affirmations to and about myself while driving to work. And guess what? I heard them and had to admit they were all true!

~Jean Registered Nurse, Salem MA

Hypnotherapy for Flying with Comfort (100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK with just ONE SESSION!)

Thank you a million times over...not only did it work, but we hit really intense turbulence on the last leg of the journey, and I was FINE! I have already recommended you to a number of people.

~ Mary Ellen, MA

I went one an hour plane ride in a four-seater with my husband and my dad (to celebrate his 90th birthday. I loved ....loved it - was not a bit nervous!!!) I felt so proud and very liberated. Many thanks to you!

~ Anne B. Gloucester, MA

Hypnotherapy for Improved Test Taking Performance

I did a session of hypnotherapy with Karen because I was experiencing test taking anxiety in regards to the GRE (Graduate Record Exam.) I had taken the GRE and got a 580 verbal (66th percentile), and a 670 math, which had really disappointed me. I felt very nervous about taking it again and was dreading it enough to put off taking it again for over a year. Although I had prepped and studied for it, I felt that my anxiety about the test was going to compromise my potential to get a high score. During my session, Karen specifically targeted my anxiety about the GRE, and recorded a personalized CD for me to take home and listen to the week before the test. After doing the session and listening to Karen's CD a few times, I not only felt really calm and confident about taking the GRE again, I was positively looking forward to it! I improved my verbal score from a 580 to a 740, (66th percentile to 99th percentile!) My math score improved from a 670 to a 700! I have no doubt that my work with Karen enabled me to focus better and reach this high score. I am now a much more desirable candidate for the programs I am applying to.

I would recommend anyone who is experiencing test-taking anxiety to work with Karen Pischke. When one considers the cost of taking tests like the GRE or LSAT, and the prospect of taking them multiple times to make up for an unsatisfactory score, investing in a session of hypnotherapy with Karen is a definitely worth it!

~ Sarah H. 25 years old, Cambridge MA Improved GRE scores to 99th percentile!

The hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis techniques I learned from you were extremely useful in helping me prepare for my law school admission exam (LSAT.) I want to thank you so much for your help. Self-hypnosis was an incredibly helpful tool that I think greatly contributed to my LSAT success. I did very well and ended up scoring in the 99th percentile.

~ A.H. 27 years old Scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT exam!

Thus Far: Improved Testing with ONE SESSION! From MCAS to SAT/GRE, LSAT/GMATs & MORE!

Karen, all went really well. Thank you for all that you have done to help me get over this hump. I am not feeling anxious- as a matter of fact I feel like someone has put permanent valium in my brain. Thank you!

~L.M., MA

Self-Hypnosis CD for Relaxation and Sound Sleep:

The CD you made has been amazing, and I'm sleeping more deeply and waking more easily than I have in weeks.

-H.L. New York